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Python Programming Certificate


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  • 10-week online video course
  • No prerequisites
  • Every class led by a professor
  • Flexible schedules
  • CCNY Professional Studies Certificate

Computer programming is a learnable skill that gives you unrivaled problem-solving power you can apply in all areas of life. Writing computer code has truly gone mainstream in recent years with the ability to program – and to understand how programs work – becoming an important skillset in the labor market. Now, with the 10-week Python Programing Certificate from CCNY, you can learn the fundamentals of computer programming and discover the power that Python can have on your career.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the key concepts of computer science and programming
  • Apply basic tools of Python to write computer programs to solve problems
  • Build Computer programs using multiple design approaches
  • Evaluate programming careers based on personal interests and skills required
  • 10-week certificate of completion program in Python Programming
  • Course is led by a professor
  • Includes 12 hours of highly produced video lectures by The Great Courses
  • Hybrid online/offline learning mode
  • Hands-on assignments and activities
  • Flexibility to complete assignments on your own schedule

Module One: Hello, Python: Introduction and Essentials

Module Two: Conditionals, Boolean Expressions, Testing, and Loops

Module Three: Files, Strings, Lists, and Top-Down Design

Module Four: Functions and Parameters

Module Five: Building and Improving Programs

Module Six: Programming Approaches

Module Seven: Problem-Solving Using Algorithms

New classes begin every two weeks. You will be able to select a class that fits your schedule during the enrollment process.

Professor John Keyser

Dr. John Keyser is a Professor and the Associate Department Head for Academics in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University. Dr. Keyser provides the instruction for this course via video lectures included in each module. He has won several teaching awards at Texas A&M, including the Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching

Professor Brian West

Brian West is an IT instructor and course developer with over 15 years of classroom teaching experience both online and on-campus at schools including Johns Hopkins University and Southern New Hampshire University. He holds a Master’s degree in IT from Tarleton State University and a MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington.

This certificate is designed to provide an introductory-level understanding of computer programming and give insights into how the discipline can be used to solve a variety of challenges in business and beyond. There is no complicated mathematics necessary as a prerequisite and anyone with an interest in the subject will be able to follow along.