The city college of new york

Technology Skills Certifications

Learn industry-relevant data science and programming skills that will unlock higher potentials for your career with CCNYs new Technology Skills Certifications. These flexible video-based classes are designed to help working professionals access university-level technology training without having to travel or stick to a time schedule.

  • No prerequisites
  • Flexible schedules
  • Professor-led
  • 100%-Online

Certificate in Data Science Studies

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  • Gain an understanding of big data and its applications in business and life
  • Explore common data analysis tools - how they work and when to use them
  • Develop a data mindset - learn how to think about your challenges using data
  • Practice how to properly communicate findings from Big Data

Python Programming Certificate

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  • Understand key concepts of computer science and programming
  • Apply basic tools of Python to write computer programs to solve problems
  • Build computer programs using multiple design approaches
  • Evaluate programming careers based on personal interests and skills required

Certificate in Machine Learning

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  • Learn key concepts, terminology, and algorithms used in machine learning.
  • Analyze machine-learning approaches and data outputs.
  • Apply machine-learning techniqyes, tools, and processes to solve problems.
  • Assemble ML algorithms and libraries into effective machine-learning programs.